Our clients include non-governmental organizations, private sector entities, government agencies and multilateral development organizations. They use our entire range of services to organize virtual conferences, hold multi-country dialogues, or offer training courses on related development topics.

Ayisi Makatiani

“In the modern era, knowledge is going to be what differentiates the winners from the rest. What you are doing here [at GDLN] is going to be especially useful especially in Africa, as knowledge helps to lessen the gap between the rest of the world that is moving on and those who don’t know how.”

— Ayisi Makatiani, former CEO African Management Services Co.

Bambang Sudibyo


“There is virtually no limit to the learning and knowledge-sharing opportunities offered through this network by connecting any corner of Indonesia to the world and bringing the world to any corner of Indonesia”

— Bambang Sudibyo, Indonesia's former Minister for National Education


Karel de Gucht

“The international conference concerning good governance [organized by GDLN] in Brussels was the political height of the year. The whole world was present, discussing the safety of nations, human security, cluster bombs, water and governance. Things like that have long-term impacts.”

— Karel de Gucht, Belgium’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs

Sam Pitroda

“GDLN is helping move India to a “knowledge economy” with first-class science and technology capabilities, online government services, high quality education institutions, innovative industry, and better access to knowledge for the poor.”

— Sam Pitroda, former Chairman of the India Knowledge Commission

Jorge Quiroga

“This [GDLN] is the face of development that I believe in—institutional building, capacity building and using reservoirs of talented people to make use of their knowledge. The boundaries are limitless.”

— Jorge Quiroga, former President of Bolivia

Moustapha Niasse

“The reality of globalization is that it is an unavoidable, irreversible phenomenon…it makes cooperation and dialogue necessary, and the GDLN is the most appropriate way of exchanging experience and ways and means of development.”

— Moustapha Niasse, Senegalese former Prime Minister

Shanta Deverajan

"GDLN can be an enormously powerful tool in all aspects of the Bank's aspirations by virtue of the fact that it can reach groups of people in all parts of the world, including parts of the world inaccessible [physically] by us."

— Shanta Deverajan, Chief Economist of Africa Region, World Bank

Jim Wolfensohn


“Together at GDLN, we can operate as a network of resources, ideas, inspiration, and experience for governments, civil society and businesses.”

— Jim Wolfensohn, former World Bank President