The Global Development Learning Network is currently organized into three levels:

  1. Global level. At this level, there are two components: the GDLN Global Board, which is the decision making and advisory body for all questions related to the Network, and the GDLN Global Secretariat, which is housed at the KDI School of Public Policy and Management and acts as the Network’s central business. The Secretariat plays both a coordinating function and an administrative and external coordinating function for the global network, where it oversees global governance issues, business development, branding and communications, internal communications, technology and quality. As part of its mandate, the Secretariat supports the GDLN Global Board in the execution of Board decisions that are of relevance for GDLN Affiliates worldwide
  2. Regional level. As the Network grows, regional GDLN associations in Africa, the Americas and Asia-Pacific have been established with their own localized missions and structures.
  3. Country level. Organizations that formally joined the Network are called GDLN Affiliates. To extend their reach and access to the network of experts within countries (e.g. in Brazil, China, Ecuador, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Mongolia and Russian Federation), these Affiliates partner with in-country networks to provide connectivity to the most remote areas. Typically, these are national research and education networks (NRENs) that connect universities within a country, or they can also be public sector networks that connect municipalities across a country.


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